SMT Processing

Perfect assembly and optimum performance with the latest technology and processes

Rich experience in large circuit board assembly

We have extensive experience in assembling large circuit boards of various sizes. Through proprietary inspection and test equipment such as SPI and AOI, as well as automated RF testing, we are able to prevent defects, accelerate new product introductions and ensure manufacturing process reliability.

Advanced printed circuit board assembly technology

As the demand for advanced printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) grows, so does the need to perform more functions in smaller form factors and lighter weights. To meet your quality, performance, and speed goals, it’s critical to properly deploy the right advanced manufacturing and engineering technologies.

Superior design services and testing capabilities

With our advanced testing and miniaturization capabilities, as well as superior design services, we can help you identify critical design improvements to optimize your manufacturing process before you start production. Our experience includes BGA to the smallest 01005 components, high-density assembly and low-void soldering. You can rely on our expertise to apply the latest technologies and processes for perfect assembly and optimal performance.

Process capability

The following technologies and capabilities will ensure that your PCBA manufacturing process is efficient and reliable, so as to meet your project needs. We are committed to providing you with exceptional service and strong support for the successful launch of your products.
We support the manufacture of component SMD packages from 35mm-01005, as well as up to (L*W) 800*560mm PCB size. With a daily production capacity of more than 12 million points, there are more than 10 SMT production lines, all equipped with advanced equipment such as online SPI/AOI optical detector, X-ray, Fuji NXT3 Series SMT placement machine and automatic solder paste printing machine.
We have a daily production capacity of more than 1.5 million points and more than 10 DIP plug-in production lines. At the same time, we support lead-free wave soldering.
Support ICT testing, FCT testing and special services for finished product assembly.
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