We are a development and manufacturing company in the field of lighting, acoustics and electronics

Committed to providing customers with one-stop development services and production services

We started our development in 1987


With smart acoustics, smart electronics and smart lighting as our firm strategic development direction, we are not only committed to providing customers with unique and innovative designs, but also pursuing creating a healthy and convenient life experience for the general population. Our mission is to create products that lead the trend of the times by integrating the most cutting-edge technology and in-depth user insights, so that intelligence and beauty can be integrated into your life.
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our products

Our products cover all aspects of life, only to provide you with a more comfortable and convenient home.

Smart lighting

Over the years, we have focused on the light source industry and accumulated rich experience and knowledge. We are well versed in the essence of traditional technologies, and at the same time actively embrace intelligent transformation. We provide you with quality products and services at competitive prices.


Provides a series of proprietary connectivity modules with various specifications and methods of soldering to address different needs of IoT product development. The connectivity modules can apply to a wide range of IoT wireless communication to help you develop your ideas faster and get your product to market sooner.


Our acoustic products are custom designed to fit your needs. No matter your sound quality requirements, we can deliver great sound. With competitive prices, we allow you to enjoy excellent sound while also getting a value-for-money experience.


With our smart system, you can interconnect most of the electrical devices you use every day, so as to enjoy a smarter and more convenient life experience.

Smart Power

Our power supply products are rich in design, their functions are constantly expanding, and we also provide versions that adapt to the requirements of different countries. No matter where you are, we can provide you with a power solution that fits your needs.

PD & Wireless Chargers

Whether you choose a PD fast charging charger or a wireless charger with the standard QI wireless charging protocol, you can enjoy a convenient charging experience anytime, anywhere.

Core competitiveness

Relying on excellent R&D and production technology and excellent quality management and control capabilities, we provide customers with products that are not only high-quality but also more cost-effective, and always ensure on-time delivery to customers. We know that efficient production processes and strict quality inspection standards are the key to achieving this goal. Through continuous innovation and an attitude of excellence, we are committed to exceeding expectations and creating value for you.

Application scenarios

With the rapid development of technology, we are proud to launch a series of excellent smart home products, covering light source products, smart speakers, Bluetooth speakers, smart curtains, smart power supplies, wireless charging, smart gateways and smart remote controls, etc. fields. Our products are rich and diverse, aiming to create a smarter and more convenient lifestyle for you.

Product architecture

In your daily moments, we carefully create multiple solutions and exquisite products, aiming to build a perfect life scene for you, so that convenience, comfort and ease become the norm in your life. Our innovative power will make your daily life beautiful, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful charm of smart technology and unique smart life experience.
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