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Kee Tat R&D Engineering Department has a R&D team of about 100 people, with many years of R&D experience in smart home products such as smart sound, smart electronics and smart lighting, mainly covering smart speakers and headphones, intelligent connections and controllers, smart curtains, gateways, intelligent single plug and socket, power products, smart light source products and LED light source products and other product fields. With a perfect R & D team in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong, it has its own mature experience and talent support from structure, electronics, software, acoustics, APP, materials, molds, etc., and develops an average of about 550 products every year. The company’s current research and development model includes JDM (Joint Design Manufacture) / ODM (Original Design Manufacture) model, and also has its own brand.

We are a member and authorized by relevant industry associations

About Matter technology and Kee Tat’s involvement in Matter

Matter is a unified standard for the smart home industry initiated by CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance) and defined by the joint participation and commitment of industry leaders such as Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.
More than 400 smart IoT ecosystem companies around the world participated, and many brands responded positively, aiming to provide secure, reliable and seamless connectivity for smart home devices. Matter is an IP-based connectivity protocol that supports data transfer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Thread (IEEE 802.15.4) and configuration using Bluetooth LE.
Because Matter protocol devices will be able to join any supported platform, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, etc. Thanks to this, products under different ecosystems can be controlled and operated with each other; Matter will dramatically improve the ease of use and interoperability of smart home devices. Equally important, while improving the user experience, Matter also adequately protects the privacy and security of user data.
As an active member of CSA, we were one of the first participants in the development of Matter. By combining wireless communication SoCs, software, and complete solutions, we make it easy for customers to build a wide range of Matter-enabled smart home connected devices. We provide comprehensive Matter solutions, including Matter over Wi-Fi terminal devices, Matter over Thread terminal devices, Thread border routers and Matter gateways.

Our laboratory is built in accordance with the national laboratory construction standards, as well as the standard full anechoic chamber.

Concerted efforts

Engineering and technical personnel have a rigorous style, meticulous work, every data has been accurately calculated, and each structure has been repeatedly verified to ensure that the product structure is reasonable, and the performance is excellent. Work together in all aspects to ensure smooth progress and on-time delivery of the project. It is precisely because of the emphasis on rigor and seriousness in the design stage that efficient collaboration ensures high quality, high quality and high performance after mass production.

Learn to improve
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The R&D center regards talent as the foundation, insists on building a learning team, provides employees with a relaxed office environment, formulates long-term training plans, regularly organizes internal and external exchanges of experiences, and organizes various activities by configuring activity fitness equipment. While enriching the spare time life of employees, it also enhances team cohesion, and a united, active and positive R&D technical team is Kee Tat’s most valuable asset.

Independent innovation is
based on the fundamentals

Kee Tat Innovation and Intelligence R&D Center adheres to the refined lighting audio design process, establishes a standard, standardized and complete development system, and has achieved fruitful results in product planning and forward-looking technology research fields. As of August 2023, a total of 162 authorized patents have been obtained, including 10 invention patents, 111 utility models and 41 designs; Plus JD Printer software copyright certificate.
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