Keetat will launch smart products based supporting Matter protocol

Matter is based on Internet Protocol (IP) and works through one or several compatible border routers, avoiding the use of multiple proprietary hubs. Matter products run locally and do not rely on an internet connection, although the standard is designed to talk to the cloud easily. It is intended to enable cross-platform of smart home devices, mobile apps, and cloud services, and defines a specific set of IP-based networking technologies for device certification.

In December 2019, Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Google, Samsung SmartThings and CSA Connection Standards Alliance launched the Matter standard development. Keetat is participant member and have been partitioned into the establishment of the standard.

In recent years, Keetat has worked with several global retailers in the development and production of smart home device. Keetat will launch a series of smart home products based on Matter protocol by the end of 2022 and continue the development in coming years.

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