Enterprise qualifications

While developing new products for our clients, we also strive to reduce environmental harm and provide a safe working space for our colleagues.
We firmly conduct BSCI audits every year and successfully pass them with stable performance, always maintaining our continuous commitment to social responsibility. This firm practice reflects our commitment to employee rights, supply chain transparency and sustainable operations.
We are proud to complete the registration of the RBA and have passed its rigorous review process with outstanding performance. This demonstrates our commitment to supply chain social responsibility, environmental protection and ethics. Through our partnership with RBA, we are determined to continue to advance for a sustainable future.
Every year, we firmly pass the CSR audits of key customers, which is a strong testament to our excellent quality and continuous improvement. Our environmental, social and ethical commitments are not only met by our customers, but also by laying a solid foundation for a sustainable vision. This ongoing collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence.
We believe that protecting the earth and caring for the environment is our responsibility and mission. With this in mind, we are relentlessly committed to environmental protection and monitoring. Our proud ISO 14001:2015 certification is a testament not only to our strong commitment, but also to our commitment to continuously promote environmental sustainability. Whether it’s lowering our carbon footprint or actively participating in green initiatives, we will continue to contribute to a cleaner and better future.
Through the construction of our own photovoltaic farms and the purchase of green electricity certificates every year, we have achieved 100% use of renewable energy. This is our firm commitment to environmental protection, which not only effectively reduces carbon emissions, but also makes a positive contribution to the promotion of clean energy. We are convinced that only through such efforts can we collectively build a greener and more sustainable energy future.
Our commitment to fully fulfilling our supply chain security obligations is further strengthened by our AEO Advanced Credit Enterprise certification. This certification not only demonstrates our excellence in supply chain security and compliance, but also demonstrates our commitment to customer trust. We will continue to work to ensure the smooth supply chain and the safety of goods to provide customers with a more reliable and efficient partner.
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