Assembly Process (FATP)

We continue to optimize and innovate the regular assembly line operation, and widely use a variety of lean production modes. By actively introducing automated production equipment and industrial robots to replace traditional manual operations, it has achieved significant improvement in production efficiency, continuous improvement of product quality and effective savings in production costs. This series of measures not only strengthens the company’s core competitiveness, but also promotes the company to move towards the goal of sustainable development.

Automated testing

All our products undergo specialized automated testing equipment and instruments to check their functionality. For SPL, WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee module and other products, we use computers to control the measurement process and perform data processing to obtain accurate test results. This automated test not only significantly improves the quality of the product, but also ensures continuous functional stability.

Automatic aging

To ensure product quality, we design unique aging conditions and parameters for different products. We have widely applied automation technology, placing industrial robots in the vast majority of links, effectively replacing manual operations. This not only ensures the high quality of production, but also imparts superb consistency to our products.

Auto-lock screws

We have introduced a large number of standard automatic locking screw machines, which are widely used in various production lines and products, aiming to achieve the efficiency and precision of automation equipment, replacing traditional manual operation. Automatic equipment makes the screw locking process more efficient, saving enterprises considerable labor costs.

Automated dispensing

Automated dispensing offers outstanding advantages in the manufacturing industry. The operation is efficient and continuous, which significantly increases the productivity compared to manual work. Uniform distribution of glue ensures quality, reduces human intervention, and eliminates defective products. Through precise control and programming, high-precision dispensing can be realized to adapt to various fields. Suitable for a wide range of workpiece shapes, sizes and materials, reducing labor and especially for mass production.

Automatic soldering

We have invested more than 30 automatic soldering machines for component soldering, equipped with automatic tin feeding system and adjustable constant temperature control system, which can achieve all-round high-precision welding. It can effectively control product quality, ensure product quality, and greatly reduce manufacturing costs.

Automatic packing

In the product packaging process of different customers, we fully apply semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging equipment to accurately meet the diverse needs of customers. It is worth emphasizing that this advanced initiative not only realizes the replacement of artificial original packaging, but also significantly improves the speed and quality of packaging, providing customers with faster and more efficient packaging solutions.

Automatic assembly

To meet the trend of intelligent manufacturing, we actively embrace the change, upgrading the traditional manual production line to a semi-automatic or fully automatic production line. At present, we have more than 15 fully automatic and semi-automatic production lines. It plays a vital role in improving production efficiency, reducing costs, optimizing product quality, reducing risks and enhancing competitiveness, giving a strong impetus to the sustainable development of enterprises.
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