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Founded in 1987, Kee Tat Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is now regarded as the leader in the solid-state lighting market, with customers all over Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. After years of creative development, Kee Tat has developed into a well-known OEM/ODM/JDM manufacturer in the industry that integrates home lighting, smart products and audio products. Today, Kee Tat has become an international enterprise with an annual turnover of more than US$100 million and has become a major company under the group. The group’s annual turnover is more than US$220 million.
Kee Tat has a production base of more than 110,000 square meters and employs more than 1,000 employees. In order to implement our main strategy of creative development, 20% of employees are employed in product R&D and engineering departments to more effectively develop low-cost, High-quality, creative products.
Looking forward to the future, Kee Tat will continue to invest more resources in R&D and production to develop new home lighting and smart solutions, as well as high-quality audio entertainment products, so that a sense of security and comfort can be integrated into homes around the world.
As an industry leader, Kee Tat cares about our home – the earth. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly production solutions and thus contributing to protecting the environment.


Technology create better living product


Delivering great quality product at affordable price


Integrity, Quality, Frugal, Modesty & Hard-work, Environmentally Friendly, Collaboration

Development Path

  • Founded

    The predecessor of Kee Tat, Kee Tat lighting company, was established in 1987.

  • Design and
    of tungsten
    filament light

    In 1990, the company began to design and produce tungsten filament light bulbs, and the company has continued to grow in size.
  • Design and package

    In 2003, Kee Tat began to design and produce LED components, and started the design and manufacture of mainstream energy-saving products.
  • Design and
    produce power

    In 2005, we began to design and produce power supply products, and became the designated supplier of major international brands.
  • Independent design
    and production
    of LED bulbs

    Began to develop and launch LED bulb products, striving to create the best lighting experience for you from lighting effects to energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Join the Wireless
    Power Consortium

    In 2013, the company joined the Wireless Power Consortium and became a full member of the alliance, and began to develop and produce smart home products.
  • Wireless charging
    products go on

  • Develop ZigBee
    protocol products

    In 2016, we vigorously developed the development capabilities of intelligent products and began the production of products in the acoustic field.
  • Audio products
    win awards

    The audio product produced in 2017 won the Best Democratic Design Award.

  • Committed to
    interconnection of
    ZigBee technology

    In 2018, we began to work on the intelligent interconnection of ZigBee technology, allowing the company to truly enter the smart home field.
  • Start to live in
    the intelligent
    of WIFI technology

    We have begun the development of smart interconnected products based on WiFi technology to further improve smart home products.
  • Co-launch smart
    audio products

    In 2019, smart audio products developed in cooperation with internationally renowned audio brands and home furnishing giants were launched.
  • Development and
    production of
    smart curtain

    Starting in 2021, the company introduced the development and production of smart curtain products.
  • New industrial
    park opened

    In order to meet the needs of rapid development, the company invested in a new industrial park in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The construction has been completed and officially put into use in 2022, providing a strong guarantee for the company's development.
  • enrich new
    audio products

    In 2023, the company increases investment in research and development and continue to improve and enrich product categories.
  • Looking forward
    to be with you

    We look forward to be with you along the journey ahead.
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